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Kaelo Wine Coolers

Kaelo’s award-winning wine coolers make every drop from your bottle as good as the last. 

Founder Kevin Jabou said “no more” to warm pints, wine and orange juice in 2007 when he began making Kaelo cooler prototypes in his East London shed. 

After patenting the technology (and moving into an office!) Kaelo wine coolers found fame in the UK and later, the US, Italy and the Netherlands.  Today, Kaelo manufacture their hyper-efficient coolers using environmentally friendly processes and materials. 

These beautiful products use dry-serve technology, maintaining chilly temperatures without the need for water or ice. Instead, you can serve up your beverage of choice without soggy labels and drips: the stainless steel cold jacket is ready in seconds, exactly when you need it. 

At Rehome, our ex-display Kaelo coolers mean homeowners can have their very own premium cooling appliance without the expensive price tag. Take the Kaelo Curved Crown: perfect for integrating into new or existing surfaces, this beautiful product comes with numerous temperature modes and touch control lighting for extra added ambience. 

Or, why not try our reconditioned Kaelo Flush Crown? Available in stainless steel, grey, brass and matte black finishes, this beautiful cooler would make a welcome addition to any modern kitchen.

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  1. Kaelo Curved Crown


    Starting from £439
  2. Kaelo Flush Crown


    Starting from £439