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For Business 

Supporting the KBB & Interiors Industry with the sale of ex-display, slow moving, discontinued stock, and customer pre-owned referrals.

Rehome for business

Rehome is the UK's No.1 retail outlet for the interiors industry, providing a world class platform for the supported sale of ex-display, slow moving and end of line stock. 

Through our connected gateway, Rehome⁺ ,we also provide professionals with an immediate sustainable solution for customer pre-owned items being replaced. Increasing your sustainability voice and rewarding your customer with cash back.

Rehome is powered by UKE Home Solutions Ltd

Architects & Interior Designers

Access to Rehome⁺ , our pioneering fast track gateway for customers' pre-loved interiors.

Manufacturers & Distributors

An agile retail solution for updating retail displays, slow moving, discontinued and graded stock.

Retailers & Showrooms

Supported solution for the sale of ex-display and slow moving stock, as well as access to Rehome⁺ , our fast-track gateway for customer pre-loved referrals.

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UKE Home Solutions (formerly Used Kitchen Exchange), is long standing trusted partner of the KBB industry. To learn more about us and the services we offer to professionals, please follow the link to our website.