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A Neptune kitchen for under £10k: Jane’s renovation story.

A Neptune kitchen for under £10k: Jane’s renovation story.
A Neptune kitchen for under £10k: Jane’s renovation story.

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Jane and Mark may be retired, but still have many demands on their time. Having four adult children, granddaughter Tilly and lots of friends to entertain, means that they needed a quality kitchen to meet the needs of a large family. We caught up with Jane and their lovely Cockapoo, Huntley, to find out about their Rehome pre-owned Neptune kitchen renovation.


Can you tell us a little bit about your space? 

The kitchen we inherited when we moved into our bungalow had been situated in a room that used to be the lounge. This made the ‘flow’ of the property awkward and it us took years to figure out how to improve things. Finding the perfect kitchen on the Rehome website gave us the confidence and inspiration we needed to finally get around to changing the layout into the perfect family space.

How did you find out about UKE?

I’ve collected kitchenalia since my teens, but over lockdown I had a clear out and put a lot of it on eBay and whilst on the site I came across a Rehome kitchen listing. We weren’t on the lookout for a new kitchen, but I got hooked on scrolling through the Rehome website, and when this Neptune kitchen was posted, I knew it was meant to be.

How did you know it was ‘the one’?

We went into  the process with a very open mind. I wanted a long-lasting kitchen that I could re-paint, and due to our wonky walls, taller units were a no-no. As soon as I saw the Neptune, I knew it would fit my space perfectly. I’m not a kitchen expert and had no idea about the brand but when I started researching, I knew we would be buying quality cabinetry at a massively reduced price.

Did you visit the kitchen in its original home before buying?

Yes. My husband and I made a day trip of it and had a little road trip for a nose round. It was nice to see it, but we needn’t have. It was exactly as the description online.


We paid just over £9,000 including appliances – what would we have been able to buy from Homebase for this price?! The thing is they can look very nice but they’re not the level of quality that I’ve got with this Neptune kitchen.


Pardon us for being rude, but what did you end up paying? 

We paid just over £9,000 including appliances – what would we have been able to buy from Homebase for this price?! The thing is they can look very nice but they’re not the level of quality that I’ve got with this Neptune kitchen.

How did you know it would fit?

I had faith in my husband – he worked it out with a pencil and paper from the measurements and elements list on the website. Whilst I did hold my breath when it was delivered, I needn’t have worried.

How did you find the fitting process?

We had to do quite a bit of work on our home before the kitchen could be fitted, and stored it in our dining room for 12 months! We requested the kitchen was wrapped; therefore, it was fine when it came to the installation.  We used a local fitter called Glen – he had done work for us before on a stone garden barn, and he was unphased by installing a pre-owned kitchen.

Did you have to do much reconfiguration? 

It was relatively easy to change the layout – we just turned it around, switching the oven to the other side and flipping the island made all the difference! A little bit of jiggery pokery went on with the corner unit, but no more than any other fitted kitchen. The original island was L shaped with a fitted bench which we kept it in the same layout but straightened it. Unfortunately, the table and bench didn’t work in our space, but we sold them, so they didn’t go to waste. Some specialist chaps installed the work surface, and it was done! Glen hung the cabinets on the walls with batons and said I can swing on them now, so I’ll be doing that next week!

How have your friends and family reacted? 

We finished the project before the end of lockdown, so it was a while before anyone got to see it. With people gradually being allowed back into our home, I love to see their reactions when they find out it is a used kitchen. No one would have guessed!

Would you recommend Rehome? 

I already have! Other companies aren’t a patch. You get a feeling that ‘these people know what they’re doing’ – glad we didn’t go with anyone else. Rehome were amazing, from the customer service to dismantle and delivery.

I can’t stay off your website, though. I’m a kitchen expert now, you’ve listed some lovely Neptune kitchens at the moment and if I could get another kitchen I would!

Thank you, Jane, if we’re ever passing, we’ll be sure to join you for a kitchen disco! 



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