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Alex’s amazing kitchen transformation, for under £2,500

Alex’s amazing kitchen transformation, for under £2,500
Alex’s amazing kitchen transformation, for under £2,500

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Alex’s kitchen transformation has taken the world of interiors press by storm. Having been featured in Your Home, The Metro, The Evening Standard (to name a few), there’s a reason everybody loves this story... It could be the instant boost of dopamine most of us inevitably get from seeing a dreamy pastel pink kitchen, or it could be the impressive amount of money they saved from buying it second-hand. Either way, we believe this kitchen transformation is worthy of all the love it’s been getting, and Alex and John’s story is the definition of renovation inspiration.  

When Alex and John first moved into their home in the Cardiff suburbs, the boarded-up windows and overgrown garden made it hard for them to envision ever falling in love with it. But, with the help of Rehome (and just a little bit of imagination) they secured a £40,000 kitchen for just £2,250, helping to make their dreams of creating a luxury space a reality.

Alex began her search for the perfect kitchen by visiting high-end showrooms, but quickly realised (as a lot of us do) that this option was way out of their budget. After being quoted £50,000, the couple began to wonder whether there was a way of buying a quality kitchen for less- and so, their journey with Rehome began. Alex remarks how “I like nice stuff. I don’t like spending a lot of money. I love charity shops and eBay and can spot something that is quality.”, and being no stranger to a preloved bargain meant it was a no-brainer for her to choose the money-saving and eco-friendly option of buying a used kitchen.  


After a couple of months of searching, and making full use of our Kitchen Alert, Alex found a sizeable modern L-Shaped kitchen complete with a bamboo-effect island. The kitchen had originally been custom built for a barn conversion and so was large enough to suit Alex’s reconfiguration needs. We usually suggest that all buyers look for kitchens that are at least 10% bigger than what they actually need, in order to account for the fact that they have been designed for a different space, but in this case, Alex even had enough units left over to extend into the utility room (storage savvy buyers take notes!). Alex spoke of how “Compromising on quality wasn’t an option for us- we felt the rest of the renovation was to such a good standard that we didn’t want to ruin it by putting in a sub-par kitchen.”. With Rehome, they didn’t have to compromise as their offer of £2,250 was accepted.  

The money that they saved from buying used meant that Alex and John were able to completely customise the kitchen to suit their “champagne taste” without worrying about exceeding their “lemonade budget”. As well as extending into the utility, this also involved replacing the original bamboo-effect units (which were then sold on Gumtree) with dreamy pastel pink ones and adding concrete pendant lights that were found on sale. We particularly love their addition of pale green tiles in the pantry. Alex created the pantry by upcycling and painting shelves that were already in the kitchen and were no longer needed in their original place. Changes to layout and colour are a simple and effective way to give a used kitchen some added pizzazz and make it completely unique to your tastes, something which Alex and John have mastered with theirs.  


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