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Newly Discovered Herringbone Floor Dictates The Design of This Stunning Kitchen

Newly Discovered Herringbone Floor Dictates The Design of This Stunning Kitchen
Newly Discovered Herringbone Floor Dictates The Design of This Stunning Kitchen

Newly Discovered Herringbone Floor Dictates The Design of This Stunning Kitchen

Recently, Adele and her partner purchased a renovation property in East Sussex for their 3 young children and Labrador which, to their delight, presented the family with a renovation project that dreams are made of.  

This characterful cottage was one of those rare finds that hadn’t been touched for many years, with a sunlight filled drawing room that had a carpet dating back to 1969 (we kid you not!). Obviously, this had to go and as Adele began to tear away the retro flooring, they were presented with the ultimate restoration project – an original herringbone floor, which became the beginning of their picture-perfect kitchen renovation. 

Adele had always planned on moving the kitchen into the middle if the house, however the newly discovered floor sealed the deal, dictating the overall kitchen layout and design. The floor was so beautiful she wanted to go for a design which protected the flooring as much as possible, opting for a stunning island, without the addition of water and electrics that could potentially damage her treasured floor.  

Just like many people, having a new kitchen was the most exciting part of the renovation for Adele, putting her heart and soul into visiting an abundance of kitchen showrooms and pouring over design options, nothing felt perfect. Yet her search took an un-expected turn when coming across @interiorantidote’s post on Instagram revealing her pre-loved kitchen renovation.  


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Throughout the renovation, Adele had managed to rescue and reuse many original features from the property. With preservation and sustainability at the forefront she thought – why should a kitchen be any different? Eagerly jumping on to the Rehome website, Adele never looked back. She found a lovely Neptune kitchen which was suitable, however this sold quickly, but she persevered. As a lady who knows what she wants, she became (her own words) ‘an obsessive checker’ and quickly set up a kitchen alert on our website so she would be informed of all new kitchen listings. After a short and patient wait, ‘the one’ dropped into her inbox. 

When we chatted to Adele this is what she told us, 

“I am thrilled with the result. It’s become my favourite room in the house. The kids all sit at the island for breakfast and the dog just settles in it’s comfy spot. Having the island clear of utilities means that we are free to use it all as we wish, it makes a great party table for platters and drinks!

Recently, me and the children made pizzas from scratch and I didn’t have to worry about anything dangerous, they all had complete freedom.

I am really proud of my kitchen and I think more people should consider buying pre-owned. Not only is it more sustainable, but with the money I saved I have added an Everhot Range Cooker which are pretty pricey, but I now have a dreamy farmhouse style kitchen with a whistling kettle, which I just love. I’m a traditional girl at heart.

I have never designed a kitchen before, but I was up for the task. Because we had an empty space I outlined the kitchen dimensions on the floor with masking tape. I also found one of the children’s play mats that was around the same size as the island. This way I could visualise how the kitchen would fit. Then I marked out the different units on the wall with pencil and moved them around to suit how I wanted to use the kitchen. It’s a simple way to do it, but it worked for me.

My advice to anyone considering buying a pre-owned kitchen is to try and see past what you are looking at to see it’s true potential, it is amazing how versatile a bunch of kitchen cabinets can be and how much they can be changed to meet your design needs. With a shaker style you can re-style to suit your taste; change the colour, door knobs and move it around to fit your space.

Buying this used kitchen has meant that I have ended up with a much better kitchen than I would have done if I had purchased new and it feels great that it is also more sustainable!"

Cost of Kitchen from Rehome £10,300 (Including appliances and lighting)
Paint colour Farrow and Ball Downpipe

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