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Property Developer Makes Massive Savings buying Used Kitchens

Property Developer Makes Massive Savings buying Used Kitchens
Property Developer Makes Massive Savings buying Used Kitchens

Property Developer Makes Massive Savings buying Used Kitchens

It’s hard to imagine that this beautiful kitchen, complete with island centred below a majestic roof light, was once in a totally different home. It’s even harder to conceive that, complete with Miele appliances, this wasn’t designed specifically for this light, bright and airy kitchen-family-living room.

In fact, the kitchen, which was originally designed for a different family home, and was sold and dismantled, packed up and relocated to Sutton Coldfield.

As a brand-new kitchen, it was priced in the region of £60,000 and was in use for around five years, but its new owner purchased it for just £9,999 via Rehome.


There was a certain amount of re-arrangement involved, with the new owner Terry Brown, founder of Browns Home Designs, confident that his experience would make it work. As the focal point of the kitchen is the large island, it was important from the outset that the proportions of the furniture and the cabinets available would be suitable for the new space. The original kitchen plans had been kept by the owner, along with all the installation details, to be passed along when the time came, so Terry was able to plan the new layout with accuracy and confidence. Rehome’s surveyor noted the kitchen as being in excellent used condition and after taking pics, all the measurements and logging the individual components, Terry had all the information he needed to get to work.


The result is a stunning selection of walnut cabinetry that looks truly bespoke to the space. Terry was so impressed with the outcome, that he has since gone on to purchase his second and third Rehome kitchen for his clients, (not to mention a bar, media unit and most recently a bathroom!) Further proving that shopping for pre-installed furniture is an ideal solution for designers and DIY renovators alike.

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