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Rehome's top storage & organisation tips for smaller spaces

Rehome's top storage & organisation tips for smaller spaces
Rehome's top storage & organisation tips for smaller spaces

Kitchen design is limited by space more than any other factor and as such making a Small kitchen work can be daunting, however, with the right eye and some fresh ideas a small space can be turned into something special. The key to making it work is to view the limited space as an inspiration rather than a hinderance.

There has been a lot of focus on storage and lighting in recent years and as such, these are important things to look at and consider when it comes to designing a small kitchen.


With the majority of storage space in modern trends being focussed on concealing items, in cabinet/draw accessories are a great idea. There are a variety of popular items such as cutlery trays, lazy Susan’s, spice racks and in door racks there is a great deal more that can be done in a cabinet than you would think.


With the recent focus on saving space, manufacturers have put more work into the development of appliances with the soul purposes of fitting these small spaces. Large appliances such as fridges tend to dominate a kitchen, this doesn’t have to be the case, you could consider using two smaller fridges and this would allow for them to be fitted into cabinets or below work tops.


The right lighting can effect design in a surprisingly effective way. Light can be used to subtly give an illusion of space if the right level and colour of light are chosen. Using low lighting and give an impression of space by casting some subtle upward shadows. Try to avoid hanging light fixture in smaller kitchens.


It may sound strange to consider mirrors in your kitchen, however, mirrors can give an illusion of extra space by mirroring the existing space. 


The lighter colour paint, the wider your room will feel and when combined with mirrors can add a lot of perceived space to your room.

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