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Dismantle & removal information: Approved used kitchens

Dismantle cost is included within the Rehome sales price. All prices listed for used kitchens include for the cost of professional dismantle and paid for by the seller. Therefore, this is not charged as a separate fee and buyers are not required to arrange this themselves.

Which? Trusted Trader Dismantle: Rehome offers our in house Which? Trusted Trader Dismantle service as standard to all our private sellers and whilst we strongly encourage this, on occasion, a seller might opt to arrange the dismantle through their own provider. In any instance, the obligation for professional dismantle lies with the seller and our buyers will not be required to arrange this themselves. Please check the listing to see who will be dismantling the kitchen, or contact us if you require further information



When removing the worktop from the kitchen, hidden spars may be damaged – these are hidden from view when a worktop is installed and can be easily replaced if necessary. If a worktop is glued down there will likely be some minor damage to the underside of the worktop when removed – once the worktop is reinstalled, this will not be visible.

Breakages are rare, however, whilst every reasonable effort and skill is taken to successfully remove without damage, this is not always possible. Therefore, pieces with cut outs (such as appliances and utilities) cannot be guaranteed. Likewise, worktops with mitred edges, faux edges, splash backs (stone or glass), upstands and window sills are also not guaranteed. These pieces will be given to the buyer free of charge and therefore are not included in the sale price paid. In the case of minor damage, in most cases the worktop can be fixed with an epoxy adhesive by a local worktop supplier. 

Kitchens with a chimney breast and mantle: In most cases the ‘chimney stack’ this is faux and the mantle will sit on top of a solid piece of work-surface. However, sometimes the work-surface may be cut around the chimney breast, leaving a cut out on dismantle. It is normally possible for us to identify if this will be the case, however not in every case. Buyers must be aware of this and plan to avoid disappointment.

Acrylic: Acrylic worktops like Corian, Minerva or similar are a specialist product. The beauty of Corian is all the joins are invisible. When Acrylic worktops are installed, they come into the property in pieces and the joins are ‘blended’ to become invisible. Once joined, it becomes 1 large piece. In order to dismantle and transport it is normal to expect this to have to be cut. An acrylic worktop specialist will be required to re-install.

Laminate: It is virtual impossible to remove a laminate worktop without damage due to the bond being stronger that the worktop itself. Therefore, laminate worktops are always excluded from any sale.

Corian: Corian is a specialist worktop. The beauty of Corian is all joins are invisible. When Corian is installed, it comes into the property in pieces and the joins are ‘blended’ to become invisible. Once joined, it becomes 1 large piece. In order to remove and transport a Corian worktop it is normal to expect this to be cut – this is often necessary due to the sizes/shapes/weight of the pieces. During dismantle, the joiner will assess the best place to cut – to reinstall, a Corian expert will be required. It is worth noting that it is normally possible to ‘add’ to a Corian worktop if required.

Kitchen Furniture In-frame, Bespoke or Painted Kitchens: Bespoke kitchens are normally hand finished once installed into a property. This may include ‘hiding’ joins with beading, adding a final coat of paint or adding finishing elements such as cornice, pilasters etc. Whilst every care will be taken during the dismantle process, some minor damage may occur that will require making good when the goods are reinstalled, including but not limited to chips to paintwork or damage to fragile beading, trims etc.. In the vast majority of instances this isn’t an issue, however if damage does occur this is normally easily repairable and may require some touch up painting. This is to be planned for and expected/accepted when you buy. Advice will be given to a purchaser as and when requested.

Plastic Legs: These are the unseen adjustable support for cabinets, normally hidden by the kickboards. These are quite fragile and are easy to break. Normally removed from cabinetry during the dismantle process, if any do break, these are readily available at any DIY store and are very cheap to buy/replace.

Kitchen reconfiguration: Please consider that if the configuration of the kitchen is to be changed, end panels, kick boards/plinths, decorative trims etc may not re reusable because of their size, cut outs, fading, discolouration, screw holes etc.

Appliances: Each listing will include a description of the appliances included in a sale and the sellers attests to their condition. However, we strongly recommend that all appliances have an electrical and/or gas safety check by a qualified electrician and/or Gas Safe registered engineer where appropriate. Electrical goods need to be checked to confirm that the plug, socket or adaptor supplied complies with current regulations.

Cleanliness: All Approved Used Kitchens and appliances are advertised as ‘used’ and therefore it is reasonable to expect some additional cleaning especially to inaccessible areas pre and post installation.