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Muebles de Cocina DOCA was established in the city of Vinaròs, Castellón. From the outset, DOCA kitchens knew that the ability to adapt would set them apart, and in 1980, that’s what they set out to perfect. DOCA employed expert carpenters and modern industry manufacturing techniques to give homeowners the best of both worlds, targeting those in the market for medium to high-end kitchens. In 2006, DOCA expanded their operations and now occupies a manufacturing premises of over 20,000m2. It’s on this site where the DOCA technicians and designers come together to meet the demands of homeowners globally. Central to the essence of DOCA kitchens is their mastery of materials, finishes and textures. In their collection, you’ll find a unique mixture of woods, steel, high-density laminates and glass, all expertly balanced to create kitchens that are ergonomic and precise. At Rehome, it’s our mission to make the high-end affordable for those with budget barriers, and our pre-loved DOCA kitchens are the perfect solution. Their effortless functionality makes each project personal, so why not step out of your comfort zone to reform your home?

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