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Faber Extractors

As one of the world’s top producers of premium cooker hoods, Faber has been on a journey of continual improvement. They first invented the domestic cooker hood over 60 years ago, using their pioneering spirit to craft products with a laser-sharp focus on quality. 

Since then, Faber have become pioneers in extraction. The brand is always at the forefront of modern knowledge, using the latest technology to craft classic, ceiling, or built-in cooker hoods that speak to Faber’s relentless passion for innovation. 

At Rehome, we’re proud to house a range of pre-loved Faber cooker hoods. These premium, user-friendly products can eliminate noise, condensation and odours, all thanks to Faber’s unbeatable engineering. 

If you don’t want to disrupt the look of your kitchen, why not invest in a retractable pre-owned Faber hood? By discreetly slotting back into the wall, you can reap the benefits of Faber’s air technology with no aesthetic changes. 

It’s never too late to live in possible. Take a leap of faith with Rehome, and we’ll help you achieve your goal of owning a second-hand Faber hood.

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