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Liebherr values quality, design and innovation above all else. Is it any wonder they’ve been pioneering manufacturers since 1949? Originally a construction company, Liebherr first turned its attention to kitchen appliances in 2015. After successfully expanding into heating and air conditioning units, electronics and even mining excavators, Liebherr unveiled their range of ‘intelligent’ freezers and coolers in 2018. Today, Liebherr appliances are some of the market’s most sought-after. Through constant research, the brand have created high-tech domestic appliances for homes worldwide. Take their ex-display wine cooler, for example. At Rehome, you can get this refrigerators built-under temperature control and powercooling for a reduced price. Or, invest in a used Liebherr fridge freezer. With NoFrost technology, DuoCooling systems and touch display, you can revamp your appliances without feeling burdened by budgets. Take a step towards your goal home with Rehome and start living in possible.

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