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Obumex kitchens infuse your home with passion and craftsmanship honed since it’s founding in 1960. Their innovative techniques, meticulous selection of materials, and harmonic combinations of rich fabrics ensure a custom-made approach that exceeds expectations. As true artisans, Obumex consistently pushes boundaries, relying on their existing expertise and a commitment to innovation. With a meticulous eye for aesthetics, functionality, and personal preferences, Obumex ensures the creation of enduring interiors that not only withstand the test of time but also exceed your expectations while respecting both planning and budget constraints. As a family-run enterprise, they deeply value familial bonds, instilling a collaborative and personal touch into every space. Allow us at Rehome to unveil an environment that not only embodies functionality and style but also affordably epitomises sophisticated living. Together, we'll craft a kitchen filled with optimism, ensuring your dream culinary space is within reach and is perfectly suited for the present while embracing the future alongside you.

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