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Olive & Barr

Discover our range of Olive & Barr Kitchens, where the timeless beauty of British craftsmanship transforms your living space. Born from a passion for impeccable quality and intuitive design, their brand celebrates the art of the handmade Shaker kitchen, offering a testament to the skill of our artisans. With every piece of cabinetry handcrafted in the UK from carefully sourced materials, they stand at the forefront of sustainable luxury. At Rehome, we're not just creating kitchens; we're crafting spaces that embody your lifestyle and values, blending functionality with beauty. Our approach breaks free from traditional constraints, aiming to exceed your expectations at every turn. We believe in the power of timeless design and modern practicality, ensuring your kitchen is not only stylish but also a central part of your home's memories. Olive & Bar's commitment to sustainability and British craftsmanship is unwavering. Using a harmonious mix of traditional techniques, modern technology, and intuitive design, they ensure their kitchens offer unparalleled class with durability at their core. We take pride in setting the standard for delivering top-tier craftsmanship at exceptional value, ensuring that sophisticated and eco-friendly kitchens are within reach. Embrace the journey with Olive & Barr Kitchens, where every detail reflects our dedication to quality, sustainability, and style.

Olive & Barr
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    Olive & Barr Bespoke Ex Display Kitchen, Pantry

    Olive & Barr


    RRP £35,000